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Raw, Nourishing, Kosher, Vegan, & Gluten Free 

   Shoreshei Tzion strives to provide Raw, Organic, Nutrient Dense & Healing foods of the highest quality ~  Our *Live Food Medicine* is filled with VitaminsMinerals, Enzymes & Health!  ~  All Seeds & Nuts are first Sprouted to maximize Digestibility & Vitamin content ~  our Sprouts are then combined with Organic Vegetables or Fruits & then Dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve Enzymes & Provide a Food filled with Nutrients & Life !

We use only Freshly Harvested Organic Vegetables & Fruits from Sustainable Organic Farmers  ~  Our products are handmade with Love & Care in small batches to preserve their freshness & their Life Force  ~ Our process of Sprouting & Dehydrating is passing Life Force to you with Wholesome Nutrition that Nourish not just the physical body, but also our Whole Beings  ~  Mind, Body & Soul  ~  Our bodies are our Temples  ~ We hope that our Healing Food will Enlighten you !

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Open House ~ Wednesday December 3rd!

~Shoreshei Tzion Open House~

Come Celebrate the opening of our New Raw Food Factory!
Wed. Dec 3rd ~ 2-6pm Rechov HaTzaba 3, Bet Shemesh

We will have tastings of all our delicious products. Other Organic boutique products, fascinating health books, & raw superfoods will be available for purchase. An additional 10% discount on our already low factory prices will be offered as well ~ Plus a lottery with a chance to win a Shoreshei Tzion gift certificate!

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